Shanghai EC benefits -2014 Fourth Chinese hot pot frozen food section and Exhibition



Fourth Chinese hot pot section and frozen food exhibition, 2014 China Forum conditioning hot food professional trade fairs organized by the China Light Industry Federation, approved by the China Food Newspaper, "Frozen Food" magazine co-hosted. 

To be with exhibition to exhibition Foundation. The exhibition to increase the size of the pot based on the original forum, inviting hot pot restaurant chain tycoon gathered together on the development of the industry, and seeking industrial planning, choice of market new products. Invite SURIMI SCHOOL Worldwide Forum on the basis of the first surimi surimi forum on the world to introduce China in Xiamen. Higher world perspective, broader and more professional.

Exhibitors -

First, raw materials: raw frozen foods, ingredients, spices, food additives;
Second, frozen food: hot pot conditioning products and surimi products, frozen poultry conditioning products; frozen aquatic products, frozen pastry products, batter products, food products, fruit and vegetable products, BBQ products (smoked) products, hot pot soup and so on;
Third, related equipment: food processing, packaging equipment, refrigerated equipment and cold chain logistics services.