Frozen frozen food onto the baking additives follow the growth trajectory



Although food additives in food content of less than 2%, but in improving food color, smell, taste and adjust the trophic structure, improve food processing conditions, to extend the shelf life and so have a very important role. Therefore, it occupies an important position in the food industry. We can say that there is no food additives would be no modern food industry.


Global frozen bakery additives market is growing rapidly


     With the rapid socio-economic development and progress of human civilization, the human desire for health gradually increased, humans are increasingly concerned about food safety issues. Food security means ensuring that food consumption has no direct or potential adverse effects on human health. Many factors that constitute food safety, from the past two years the state of food sampling results, the food additive has become an important factor in product failure. Concerned that the current food additive has become the greatest threat to food safety.

      According to Research and Markets (ResearchandMarkets) said the global frozen bakery additives market is growing rapidly in recent years, additives, such as preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers and stabilizers, pigments and flavor enhancers, have already attracted a lot of people's attention.

In the past few years, the global frozen bakery additives industry has embarked on a higher growth trajectory, the role of food processing in food additives have also been very important, now there are many types of additives on the market, including preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, flavoring agents, sweetening agents, colorants and the like.


     Food production industry in order to meet customer demand for high quality, convenience and diversity of products to price the customer paid for the whole year can provide a wide range of safety, health, nutrition, attractive products, they must rely on food additives. They are an essential tool for the baking industry, food manufacturers can use it to convert agricultural raw materials security, stability, consistent quality and instant ready to consume baked products. Although many individual additives more than one function, but different types of additives can be used to freeze the baking industry. For the purpose of classification and specification, they are classified according to the primary function.


The world is witnessing a lot of growth in those baking ingredients business, consumers more choice of frozen bakery products at reasonable prices, so frozen bakery additives market is also growing. Therefore, additives for versatile play an important role in the baking industry. For example, lecithin in the frozen bakery products are used as a catalyst or stabilizer; Similarly, different acids can act as preservatives and antioxidants. For example, milk and milk products of lactic acid in the baking industry is used to extend shelf life and improve the flavor. This growth will continue in the future, and is expected to produce new and innovative professional baking additives to meet the growing demand for health-conscious consumers, and it will provide a higher nutritional value.


Forecast 2018 Frozen bakery products market CAGR of 71%


To 2018, the global market will have a bake frozen 71% CAGR. In the Asia-Pacific region, it has been frozen bakery products introduced in recent years, so the growth rate of the Asia-Pacific region may be the highest. High quality bakery products containing nutrients, is with the growth of the food processing industry together, sweeping attack on the area.


The researchers said that the world is witnessing growth in the number of baking business, consumers will choose more reasonable price of bakery products, not the other baked snacks. Whether from the perspective of manufacturers and retailers, or from the consumer point of view, frozen bakery products to extend the shelf life have great opportunities. Market share growth depends on consumer preference for convenience products, even in fresh baked goods.


According to the report analyzes in the future, this growth will continue, through for those health-conscious consumers a lot of innovation, the opportunity to produce the new features baked goods. Frozen pizza crust occupy 32.2% of the market share, frozen bread accounted for nearly 25.5 percent, accounting for 15.5 percent of frozen pies.