French fries really cancer?


"Consumer Reports" published an article entitled "three oceans test report a fast food: French fries may be carcinogenic content higher than McDonald's KFC" reports. Taking possible carcinogens - acrylamide as a security index, and the results show that KFC and McDonald's fries were detected in acrylamide, where Kentucky is 280μg / 100g, McDonald's is 240μg / 100g. The 9th corrected to Kentucky for 280μg / kg, McDonald's is 240μg / kg. Article conclusions occasionally eating fast food, consumers can choose smaller portions, low levels of acrylamide in order to meet the mouth addiction fries that McDonald's and KFC safer. We must ask, what high levels of acrylamide foods? Eating fries really cancer? The human body can tolerate limited is how much?

Here, food partner network on the above issues were explained.

A source of acrylamide in food

Acrylamide is mainly in the high-carbohydrate, low-protein plant foods heated (120 ℃ above) formed during cooking. The main precursors for free acrylamide aspartate (representation of cereals and potatoes amino acid) with a reducing sugar, Maillard reaction occurs both acrylamide.

In starchy foods (starchy foods at temperatures above 120 ℃ high temperature cooking is easy to produce acrylamide), fumes, cooking classes and contain acrylamide in drinking water sources is very extensive. According to statistics, people acrylamide intake may have a half from cooking.

2 acrylamide in food which potential health hazards have?

Acrylamide is a middle class drug, can occur in close contact with a large number of sub-acute toxicity, long-term low-level exposure can cause chronic poisoning, have mutagenic effects, can cause somatic and germ cells of mammalian gene mutation and chromosomal abnormalities. But there is no sufficient epidemiological evidence that acrylamide in some human tumors significantly correlated. IARC (IARC) was evaluated for its carcinogenic, acrylamide as a category 2 carcinogen (2A), that humans may carcinogens. The main basis for acrylamide metabolism in animals and humans can be converted to carcinogenic active metabolite epoxypropionamide.

3 How much intake of acrylamide poses a health hazard?

March 15, 2012 National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center released acrylamide in food risk assessment stated: high temperature processing of potato products (including potato chips, french fries, etc.), the average content of 0.477 mg / kg (477μg / kg), the highest content of 5.312 mg / kg (5312μg / kg). November 12, 2013 the European Commission published the views of the level of acrylamide in food survey 2013/647 / EU, provides instant alerts fries in the value of acrylamide (indicative value) of 600μg / kg. Propylene according to "Consumer Reports" reported the three oceans fast food inspection report, both lower than the levels of acrylamide assessment report, on average, but lower than the value of the EU's warning, so for now, caused by eating potato chips acrylamide intake does not pose a real threat.

It is noteworthy that fried food is the main food of the residents, in order to reduce the health risks of acrylamide for consumers, food partner network recommendations:

1 Try to avoid over-cooking foods (such as temperature or heating time is too long), but it should guarantee cooked to ensure that kill microorganisms in foods, avoid causing foodborne illness.

2 promote a balanced diet, reducing fried and high-fat food intake, eat more fruits and vegetables.

For some businesses: Food Partners Network recommends food production and processing enterprises, improve food processing techniques and conditions, study possible ways to reduce acrylamide in food, and to explore the optimization of industrial production, household food production in food ingredients, processing and cooking conditions explore possible to reduce or even eliminate acrylamide in food approach.