Additives are not a scourge rational objective view of food additives


Deeply rooted in food safety issues today, every news about food additives, like depth charges will be the same for everyone nerves. Recently, the China Youth Daily opinion monitoring room in 1000 to extract critical analysis of Internet users found that more than 60% of Internet users believe is unhealthy additives, four percent of Internet users even think of food additives should be disabled.

If you mention a food additive in a dozen years ago, I am afraid that many people do not know what is meant, is now, almost everyone can speak several well-known "food additive" name, such as "Sudan", "whitening agent "," melamine "and so on. On the one hand, some of the media and microblogging, letters and other new media products in the pursuit of healthy living people on the premise related to food additives reported a big fuss, and even food additives and carcinogens directly equate to attract eyeballs hesitate to exaggerate; hand, some unscrupulous manufacturers and individuals confuse food additives and non-food substances boundaries, many food safety incidents will be directly blamed the head of food additives, food additives makes ordinary people dreaded. Many factors to be demonized food additives like hatred, as the potential formation of people cry. But food additives really so terrible?

The history of human use of food additives can be quite long, as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty China on the use of brine as a coagulant for tofu. Worldwide, in 1500 BC, Egypt was candy colored with food coloring. Now the United States has more than 5000 kinds of food additives, the world has at least more than 10,000 kinds. In China, the 2012 allows the use of food additives has more than 2500 kinds.

Used for food additives of processed foods, to improve the appearance, flavor and structure of food or storage properties. "Melamine, Sudan, Sulfoxylate, clenbuterol," and so on, in fact, is simply not the food additives previously mentioned, but illegal additives. Illegal additives for food additives and confusion, is the main reason for the public to talk about the mere mention. China's food industry is the only academician Sun Baoguo said: "If there is a restaurant played such advertising, 'The restaurant and food are free of any food additive MSG', it is absolutely a lie." The more developed a country is, the more food additives only. Conversely, if there is no food additives, one can only eat about Whitewater cooking, or a throwback to eat wild berries primitive era.

Therefore, the public need not be a food additive used as a scourge, as long as within the scope of the use of national regulations, are not harmful to health. Meanwhile, relevant departments on the popular distinction between food additives and basic knowledge of illegal additives, should intensify. For the law to add and abuse of food additives related businesses and individuals, to heavy penalties according to law. The news media is not to be confused or exaggerated harm food additives, thereby increasing the public's fear. For ordinary people, it is best to buy more raw materials, their processing, the less some overly bright restaurant dishes, while enjoying modern science to mankind delicious and convenient, but more rational objective view of food additives.