Exhibition will bring to the exhibition will promote. This exhibition is increased Hot pot forum based on the original scale, invite chain catering enterprises Hot pot tycoon gathered on industry development, and industrial planning, selection of new market. Based on the first Forum on Surimi invited SURIM...

Congratulations on the successful listing of TOPYUM shares (300051)

Congratulations on the successful listing of TOPYUM shares (300051) TOPYUM Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a ... more>>.

TOPYUM - Chifeng cattle and sheep meat industry conference

TOPYUM is a focus on the natural pigment, natural hydrophilic colloid development and application, especial... more>>.

Shanghai EC benefits -2014 Fourth Chinese hot pot frozen food section and Exhibition

Fourth Chinese hot pot section and frozen food exhibition, 2014 China Forum conditioning hot food professio... more>>.

Frozen frozen food onto the baking additives follow the growth trajectory

Although food additives in food content of less than 2%, but in improving food color, smell, taste and adju... more>>.

French fries really cancer?

"Consumer Reports" published an article entitled "three oceans test report a fast food: French fries may be... more>>.

Additives are not a scourge rational objective view of food additives

Deeply rooted in food safety issues today, every news about food additives, like depth charges will be the ... more>>.

2014 national health food-related announcements Planning Summary

2014 issued by the Ministry of Health and food-related bulletin summary, food partner network consolidation... more>>.


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