From the redwood tree seed, the extraction of income, divided into Bixin (oil soluble) and norbixin (water soluble) 2 specifications.
Annatto is presented from orange to orange hue, with good heat stability. Typically used in ice cream, butter, margarine, oil, bread, pastry, beverage, ham, sausage, cheese and other food.

Red pepper

Capsicum red pigment alias red pepper, is present in the mature red pepper in four terpenoids orange red pigment, a type of carotenoid pigments.
Red pepper was from orange to orange red color, stability has excellent light, heat and pH. The pigment is not only bright color, color value, and strong coloring, color retention effect is good, the typical application of aquatic products, meat, cake, salad, canned drinks, all kinds of food

Our products, can be used in different industries:

1 simulated crab meat with
2 cookie stuffing
3 drink juice
4 candy
5 instant noodles
6 processing meat
7 fat cheese, chocolate