Cochineal red / carminic acid

Cochineal from cochineal female, is a kind of natural pigment has a history of several hundred years, since the ancient times is used for coloring food. Unlike other natural pigment, cochineal physicochemical properties are very stable, with good optical, thermal stability, be regarded as the safest natural pigment.

Cochineal color according to different models show different from yellow to purple red color, can be applied to a broad pH value, suitable for a variety of industries and different processing conditions. Typical for sweets, meat products, fruit pre products, cosmetics, medicine and textile production.


Anthocyanin is a water-soluble pigment, as flavonoids and flavanone derivatives. There are hundreds of different anthocyanins, including grapes, purple sweet potato, purple carrot, rose can be prepared by related to anthocyanin pigment.
Anthocyanin color because of the cell sap pH changes, cell liquid acidic reddish, cell liquid alkaline partial blue. In most applications of optical, thermal stability is good. Typical for drinks, candy, jelly and jam product.

Anthocyanin has antioxidant effect, because of its health benefits have been widely used in health care products, and this will get more and more attention and application.

Our products, can be used in different industries:

1 simulated crab meat with

2 cookie stuffing

3 drink juice

4 candy

5 instant noodles

6 processing meat

7 fat cheese, chocolate