TOPYUM– Chinese food ingredients and consumer goods producer partner!

Shanghai TopYum Bio-technology was founded in 2006, specialized in the healthy food material and functional ingredients.


Topyum is committed to provide natural and healthy products to the world, which mainly covering natural colors, natural flavors, dairy and beverage solutions, meat solutions and so on. As a sincere supplier of high quality food ingredients, our priority is safety and stability. TopYum solutions are committed to a variety of food applications, covering dairy products and beverages, confectionery and bakery, meat products, surimi frozen food and other industries. Based on our profound knowledge of food ingredient, we offer customized solutions to our customers. We also help our customer to develop the innovative products to meet their needs. Topyum focuses on help our customers to innovate and market their products .

Through professional channels to gain marketing needs, Topyum provides customers with market trends, new product development, problem solutions and other information in order to respond to quick changing market.

Adhering to “beyond ourselves” and integration of marketing demands, TopYum is based on the benefits of the whole food industry. We firmly believe that continuous R&D and innovation is the company's development direction. Our responsibility is to provide safe, natural and healthy food material for the community and customers.